Ultimate 2.0 Eco-Mat

Science meets odour and beats it hands down
The Ultimate 2.0 Eco-Mat is a world leading urinal deodoriser which saves time as it cleans as well as deodorises. Its revolutionary design releases non-pathogenic bacteria with every flush which, along with containing double the fragrance of other ‘look alike’ screens, keep the urinal fresh for a full 30 days.

The Ultimate 2.0 Eco-Mat meets the purchase of sustainable cleaning products and materials’ standards and is recommended by the manufacturer as suitable for waterless urinals.

  • Freshens the washroom with leading fragrances for upwards of 30 days​
  • Attacks the source of the odour by releasing billions of non-pathogenic bacteria which produce enzymes to break down the urine and control the malodours
  • Designed to dissipate the urine from the surface as quickly as possible so it may be flushed away while reducing splash by up to 95%
  • The world leading solid state surfactants ensure the enzymes coat the entire surface of the pipes aiding in the removal of built up organic matter
  • Ultimate 2.0 eco-mat is the only 3 tier cleaning screen on the market
  • Not only freshens with a great fragrance but helps clean as well as eliminate malodours​
  • Complies with voc requirements in all states
  • 100% compostable
  • Packed to keep the fragrance on the inside until you need it on the outside​
  • Controlled release of bacteria allows for constant cleaning action
  • We do not lock the optimised bacteria inside the mat, we allow it to enter the system via the pores in the base of the block cover and hence the ultimate 2.0 eco-mat is the most effective urinal mat on the market
  • No harsh chemicals or dangerous bi-products to worry about
  • Try the ultimate 2.0 eco-mat and you will notice the difference​​
  • Up to 95% splash reduction