Our Products

All of our products have one thing in common and that is they are all fully compostable, the only ones of their type available worldwide at this time. The hard work and dedication of our team has allowed our products to be cutting edge in relation to the environment. We also use a minimum of 40% recycled material in our packaging and up to 100% in all cartons and inner boxes. The world’s best with the world’s smallest footprint.

Ultimate 2.0 Eco-Mat

Science meets odour and beats it hands down
The Ultimate 2.0 Eco-Mat is a world leading urinal deodoriser which saves time as it cleans as well as deodorises.

Wave 2.0 Urinal Mat

The Hygiene Innovations original anti splash mat.
The Wave 2.0 Urinal Mat uses liquid specific gravity technology to minimize splashes.

Odour Plus

The only serious commercial bathroom cleaner.
The only serious commercial bathroom cleaner on the market.

Tower Deodoriser

The best performing air freshener for any bathroom.
The tower deodoriser provides the ultimate air freshening experience with auto dispenser and fragrances which eliminate odours without overpowering the bathroom.

Bowl Clips

Fresh smelling odour control for cisterns.
The same fragrances you know and trust from the ultimate 2.0 eco-mat in a format which can be used in a cistern.