Hygiene Innovations was formed to allow those who wish to mange odours in rest rooms, offices etc. a product which not only worked but was in harmony with the environment.

Selecting only the best basic products for manufacture such as dupont eva, premier japanese fragrances and enzymatic bacteria from novozyme, The worlds leader in this field, to specifically target the breakdown of urine and its by-products then packaging the end product in cutting edge film to ensure freshness over an extended period of time.

The ultimate 2.0 is a patented product designed and invented in Australia to fit the harshest criteria for washroom freshness.

The 3 step system adds fragrance to the air inside the washroom, virtually eliminates splash, much to the cleaners delight, and attacks uric acid encrustations in the pipes making the use of harsh corrosive chemicals obsolete. The ultimate 2.0 is the leading bio-enzymatic eco screen available and will ensure both staff or patrons have a pleasant experience when using your washroom.

The other hygiene innovation products have been chosen to harmonise with the ultimate 2.0 to ensure continuity of fragrance and quality.

Additionally, Hygiene Innovations uses a minimum of 40% recycled material in all our plastic packaging and 100% recycled material in all our cardboard packaging.


Odour is defined as a sensation resulting in the stimulation of the human olfactory organs. For an odour to be qualified it requires a source, carrier and receiver. Any substance with a vapour pressure can emit odours. The air currents carry the odour vapours or gases to the receiver – the human nose. This odour can be pleasant or malodorous depending on the individual’s sensitivity.

Washrooms are sources of hydrogen sulphide, organic acids, ammonia and methane as well as mercaptins, amines indoles and skatoles. Malodorous substances can be generated in any location in a waste water collection system where anaerobic bacteria produce hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, organic acids and other decomposition products.

Can something be done to resolve malodorous compounds?

The answer is most definitely yes.

Two of the most effective means of odour control are, masking agents which cover the malodorous smells and replace them with what would be considered a pleasant fragrance and also enzymatic bacterial control where the bacterial enzymes actually digest the anaerobic bacteria causing the malodorous effects.

Washrooms odours are a large problem for most housekeeping managers at one time or another. Heavy use of these areas along with housekeeping staffs stretched thin across facilities often combine to leave restrooms with conditions that allow odours to grow. Even with the latest equipment and cleaning practices many restrooms still have a distinct odour. One challenge for managers seeking to prevent restroom odours is finding chemicals that perform properly while at the same time fitting into budget and performing in ways that don’t present potential harm to cleaning crews or to the environment.

Managers know that if a restroom smells bad visitors will perceive it as dirty, so finding the cause of an odour is essential for removing it. In most restrooms odours result from the presence of urine. This odour actually arises from the bacteria that grow by using urine as a food source. As the bacteria grow so does the odour.

Warm acid in urine makes a good food source and enables bacteria to grow quickly. The urine then changes from acid to alkaline and attracts moisture, which helps keep the bacteria growing. This process continues and the odour grows with it.

The Ultimate 2.0 Eco Mat attacks this problem from two completely different angles. As soon as the mat is placed in a clean urinal the premium fragrances work to mask any residual odour which may be present. The enzymatic bacterial bio block at its centre then exudes beneficial bacteria which digest the odour causing anaerobic bacteria, resulting in long term removal of malodours. The block also contains a surfactant which helps distribute the bacteria throughout the drainage system and adheres to the surface allowing the bacteria time to do their work. The 50g block has a concentration of beneficial bacteria to the level of 5.9 x 10 to the eighth per gram ensuring rapid response to lingering odours. The screen also will reduce the urine splash by up to 95% reducing cleaning time and removing food for other bacteria.

The Ultimate 2.0 Eco Mat is 100% recyclable and will be the benchmark by which others are judged and also a sign that where they are used the housekeeping managers care about the presentation of the washrooms and also the have the ecological outcome of their cleaning under control. Less chemicals and a better outcome, the Ultimate 2.0 Eco Mat is today’s standard and tomorrows direction.